About Our Business

JBM Industries started in 1978 making reproduction rubber and machined parts for
vintage automotive hydraulic systems....... JBM Industries, Kent, Ohio, USA.
JBM is unique in that we offer both design, development, and manufacturing of many
hard to find or obsolete mechanical or rubber parts.
Being small offers us flexibility and the ability to offer attention to detail. We solve
problems here.
JBM strives to make better quality parts. We are not always cheaper, but in many cases
we are both cheaper and better than other manufacturers. We design and build our own
tooling, or can run your tooling in our press.
Welcome to the "About Us" page.
  • Shown here is a recent project restoring a very old
    rubber press. This press will push 80 ton, has a 10 inch
    ram, and can be disassembled easily.
  • This project involved conversion to electric heat from
    steam. It also had to have a hydraulic power supply and
    complete automatic control system as well as loading
    table and extra daylight spacers.
  • This press runs at 240 volts with 6000 watts
    heating capacity. 1.5 hp single phase motor
    powers the hydraulic mule.
  • Split spacer bushings clamped over the post
    threads allow an 8 inch increase in daylight.
    This press runs insertion molds.
  • Hydraulic accumulator is used to maintain
    pressure when motor is off. Adjustable hydraulic
    pressure switch controls the pump motor. We
    have converted 7 presses in this manner.
  • Rubber molding begins by heating the mold in the press for about 2 hours. The mold is then opened and mold release is sprayed into the
    mold. Uncured rubber is cut to size and weighed.
  • The mold is placed in the press and held closed while heat is maintained for 20 to 30 minutes depending on the part. Heat cures the rubber.
    Mold is then opened and parts removed.
  • Parts must be trimmed of flash with scissors.
E-mail:  sales@jbmindustries.com
We are glad to answer any questions.
Rubber sheet is cut and then weighed to get the
correct number of grams to fill the mold cavity.
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