This page describes the installation of replacement diaphragms on Sheng Wey Carburetors used on small Chinese
manufactured motorcycles and engines. Shown here are the 60 mm diaphragms manufactured by
JBM Industries, held
in place by a thick center section or "tire".  
High quality ethanol resistant "TSR material".
Updated 09/16/18
  Like all JBM Industries replacement diaphragms, a thick
center tire section is used to replace both plastic rings. The
hole in the tire is slightly smaller than the carburetor slide
groove, so there is tension from the rubber holding the slide.
  These diaphragms must be positioned by the installer so that
slide and air hole faces in the proper direction.
 Sheng Wey
60 mm OD
diaphragm from a Johnny Pag Motorcycle shown.
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