Question: If JBM Industries manufactures these
parts, how can you be sold out of the part that I
Answer:  JBM manufactures parts in batches. We
do not make a part when you order it.
Manufactured parts are stored in inventory until we
get an order. An unexpected interest on a part or a
large order can instantly deplete the inventory.
     Rubber takes a lead time to have mixed as we
use a custom mixer. Rubber, once mixed, can only
be stored a short time or it will spoil and cannot be
molded or used. Cured rubber cannot be reclaimed
or used again.
     Special batches of rubber used on some parts
are only ordered a few times per year, and the
nature of the "limited" production we do, means
that you must
wait until the next production run.
How many we produce of a part is simply a guess
on our part, as to how many we can sell. Items that
do not sell, or sell too slowly are deleted from our
inventory and production of that part stops. (
Notice will say "OUT OF PRODUCTION"
       We usually retain the tooling, but sometimes a
tool can be used or adapted to manufacture a new
and different part.
     Many parts we make are done in conjunction
with other parts, so you might need to wait until an
order is placed by someone for a totally different
part than the one that interests you.
 Sold Out means that you must purchase the
part from another manufacturer, or wait until you
see that
JBM Industries now has removed the sold
out mark from the web site.
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