JBM Replacement Carburetor Socket Boots for Rotax Engines
    JBM Industries makes a high quality carburetor socket for your
Rota two-cycle engine using a
BING model 54 carburetor. JBM
sockets are made from our special
TSR compound.
JBM rubber is designed to be compatible with regular automotive
gasoline with up to 10% ethanol, resist age cracking, tolerate high heat,
and have a frequency response to prevent carburetors whipping.
JBM carb socket boots have a mechanical locking rib to help
prevent carbs being thrown or popping out of the socket.
JBM carburetor inlet sockets also come with new screws to fit your
clamps, and are much less expensive than factory original
parts that require frequent replacement.
JBM carburetor sockets are made in Uniontown, Ohio, USA, and
are not manufactured by Rotax or imported from other manufacturers.

  •  Use of solvents to clean carburetor or manifold spigots is a good idea,
    but never use solvents such as acetone to wipe the carburetor socket.
    Acetone, MEK, paint thinners, etc can ruin the rubber and are
    absorbed into it instantly, softening and weakening the rubber.
  •   There is no need to smear oil, grease, or silicone on the outside of
    the socket, as this is messy and does not improve the life of TSR
  •        Sockets should be installed dry if possible, but if lubrication is
    required, use just soap and water to install.
  •        Do not stretch the socket more than 2mm on the diameter, as this
    will shorten the life of the socket. Sizes we make given below.
  •        Never try to compress the socket down onto a carburetor that is
    too small as this will ruin the socket.
$28 each
$28 each
Fits Rotax 377,447, 503 with Bing 54
582 Socket has JBM design
JBM Stainless Steel "custom wound" Exhaust Spring
$5.75 each
    JBM Industries makes a very high quality, custom wound, exhaust spring
to help solve the problem of broken springs. Often you will return to your
hangared plane, and find a broken spring. Springs can break when the aircraft
is not in operation.
Hydrogen embrittlement  caused by rust, and poor installations will cause
springs to break, sometimes in a very short time.
JBM has tackled this
problem by manufacturing custom wound exhaust springs made of stainless
steel. Stainless springs are usually used where high heat is involved, like
furnaces or ovens, but we use it to make sure rusting is impossible.
JBM Stainless Exhaust Springs have a measurement at rest of 63mm
between the hooks. These springs have extra turns of wire, so can expand a lot
to give more latitude on installations up to about
4 inches.
Because loops are welded on by exhaust providers, be sure to
measure the distance you need.
JBM only manufactures one size.
    Loops can be bent to allow for proper installation, as loops on exhaust
systems are welded on by kit manufactures for their specific exhaust
installations. Your aircraft might require 3, 4, 6, or even the 7 springs used on
Challenger aircraft. Rotax 912 installations may require 8 springs. Please
measure. Some loops must be heated with a torch to be bent back.
    Example of poor installation is shown below.  It is best to use a hook to
install springs to prevent nicks from pliers on the hooks.
     Heat can be used to bend the loops to adjust for proper spring length and
tension in most cases. Springs should never touch the exhaust pipe, as wear
and breakage of spring will increase.
     Use of silicone sealant to fill the spring, or damp out vibrations is a bit of a
messy solution and will not prevent broken hooks.. Use safety wire through the
center of the spring to prevent broken pieces of spring causing propeller
Sizes of rubber socket boot holders we offer:
  • JBM manufactures carburetor inlet rubber sockets for a few older
    engines such as 2si, Cuyuna, Zenoah, and older Rotax engines fitted
    with Mikuni carburetors. These also fit some vintage motorcycles. All
    of these rubber parts have molded mechanical locking bead.
43mm X 43mm
43mm X 40mm
40mm X 40mm
Click here to see inlet rubber for late model
Jabiru 4 and 6 cylinder engines
NOTE: We do not make rubber flanges for Rotax 532 engines.
     We believe the solution for this is to purchase a "Rotary Valve Cover"
Plate from a used water-cooled engine, as it is easy to remove. Used
plates can be found from snow-machines and jet-ski applications on Ebay
or web sites.  These parts will have a mounting spigot that will allow you to
use the
JBM Rotax 582 carburetor sockets indefinitely.
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