How to remove and repair a damaged carburetor slide so that a JBM Industries replacement slide diaphragm can be installed.
   Easy way to remove stuck slides
is to heat the carburetor housing
under a lamp as shown here. When
warm, a small amount of twisting will
remove almost every slide.
use a hammer or tool to force the
slide as they are delicate.
Heat softens the years of varnish
deposits. Varnish is clear and can
invisibly block jets.        
   Use a chemical dip cleaner to
clean carburetor metal parts. Never
put plastic or rubber parts in the
chemical dip. A layer of water on top
of the chemical prevents
evaporation, so get parts in deep.
Never use compressed air without
removing float bowls as it can
collapse metal floats from pressure.
   Here we see the restoration of an early
Honda 350 carburetor slide that was
   After removal of the old diaphragm and
metal and plastic rings, an aluminum collet
was made for the lathe to just fit the slide.
The broken part of the slide was then
machined away.
   A new thin "sleeve" was made and
fastened with Loc-Tite into the slide. Warming
the slide expands it and makes the Loc-Tite
cure fast.
   As you can see this made a suitable repair
that can be done by anyone having a metal
lathe. Another vintage bike back on the road.
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How to repair broken plastic throttle slide and install JBM diaphragm on Chinese scooter
Removal of old diaphragm from plastic slide is difficult as the plastic retaining ring is glued very well to the slide. The plastic slide is brittle and edge
can crack away as shown above.  Repair requires removal of retainer and needle, cleaning of slide, and a slip fit bushing made from aluminum or
plastic that is glued into place after needle and retainer are installed.
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