Carburetor Rubber Flange Boot Holder Page.  ( Straight with no angle, no right & left. )
Rubber Flanges for Suzuki GS 1000, GS850, GS750 Mikuni VM26 carburetor late '70s to early '80s
Rubber intake flange boot holders for Honda 360 models  (Keihin carburetor)
Rubber Intake flange boot holders for Kawasaki KZ440   (Keihin carburetor)
NOTE: These rubber flange boots may fit inlet on many other vintage motorcycles or ATV vehicles.
These are new production, and not old stock. Made in USA.  JBM does
not supply clamps.
These Rubber Flanges are made from TSR
compound. All have rubber covered steel plates
with molded in feather lip seal, so gaskets or
O-rings are not needed.. These are new
production, and not old stock. Made in USA.
H360 fits Honda 360 twin motorcycles..
Rubber covered steel plate with
feather sealing lip, so no gasket or
O-ring needed. Not old stock.
Made in USA
$95 set of 4 holders
$25 each
$30 each
$30 each
$30 each
KZ440 is a flange type rubber carburetor holder boot used on Kawasaki KZ440
twins. This boot may also fit some 750cc 4 cylinder modes as well as the KZ400,
but buyers should be sure to measure and check dimensions before ordering.
$30 each

YAMAHA 650 Angled and straight FLANGE RUBBERS