MZ 202 Engine Carburetor Socket Boot for Bing model 54 carb.
  JBM Industries has created tooling for this carburetor socket boot for MZ engines.
The material is TSR compound. It is designed to fit the popular BING 54 carburetors used in LSA
aircraft with MZ 202 engine. These parts use a rubber covered steel plate with 6mm mounting
holes. Rubber cover is .070 thick, so no gasket is required. 52 X 72mm hole locations.
     These rubber boots are found on the engine or cylinder inlet manifold on MZ 202 ultralight or
light sport LS power units. These rubber carburetor sockets have the locking rib and internal size
for the Bing model 54 carburetor used on ultra-light or micro-light aircraft. This boot is used for
heat and vibration isolation. This part is NOT made by the original manufacturer, but is made in
the USA and designed to fit. It may fit other models and engines.

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Locking rib helps prevent thrown carbs.
Rubber covered face is .070 thick
Internal taper for smooth flow.
$49 each
Updated 10/26/22