JBM Industries replacement Keihin Carburetor Diaphragms for Kawasaki KZ250 and
KZ440 & CSR305 twins & KZ750/4 with key groove and 71 mm. ( Keihin CV-32 )  
also has 67 mm square groove for Kawasaki  Ninja & Vulcan 88 1500 Keihin CVK36
carburetors replacement carburetor diaphragm for your vintage motorcycle. Shown here ia
a Keihin with 71 mm "keyed" groove diaphragm for Kawasaki KZ440 LTD.
At bottom of page: 78 mm diaphragms fit Vintage Honda 360, & 73mm fit CB or CL 350....  
67mm fit Kawasaki Vulcan CVK36 carburetors. All diaphragms are installed by removing
both retaining rings. Older carbs may have metal rings, but they can be cut with a good
pair of side cutters in the same manner.
 READ ABOUT our TSR Compound.
Updated 01/21/16
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Only $19.50 each
JBM only charges $8.00 to ship any
quantity of diaphragms
Domestic only
They are very light.
To order: Go to the "How to Order" page
E-mail sales@jbmindustries.com
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All JBM diaphragms are made from
our special
TSR compound for the
longest lasting parts available.
  • Saved me a lot of money, will deal with again Buyer: Member id dahomhi91 ( Feedback Score Of 24)  May-10-11 13:37
Diaphragm Honda 360 Keihin Carburetor 78 mm dia. PAIR (#230601014788)
  • Brilliant product, Unbelievably fast shipping Buyer: Member id ricepaddyco ( Feedback Score Of 38697)  Apr-27-11 08:06
Diaphragm Honda 360 Keihin Carburetor 78 mm dia. PAIR (#230601014788)
  • Fast shipping. Great price. Saved me about $100+ Thanks! Buyer: Member id familycamp ( Feedback Score Of 3 )  Apr-11-11 08:57
KAWASAKI KZ440-400 Keihin CV carburetor diaphragm 71 mm (#330543642302)
  • As advertised, easy install fast shipping, very satisfied customer Buyer: Member id sunshine3angels ( Feedback Score Of 32)  May-07-11 19:46
KAWASAKI KZ440, KZ250 Keihin carburetor diaphragm 71mm (#230612921175)
  • Super seller, instant shipping excellent parts, awsome followup. thanks Buyer: Member id kyther ( Feedback Score Of 192)  Mar-31-11 01:33
Diaphragm Honda 360 Keihin Carburetor 78 mm dia. PAIR (#230601014788)
  • Item was as described, well packed and arrived in good time. Very pleased. Buyer: Member id xbluz ( Feedback Score Of 42)  Feb-03-11 06:26
KAWASAKI KZ440-400 Keihin CV carburetor diaphragm NEW (#230571313682)    KAWASAKI KZ440-400 Keihin CV carburetor diaphragm NEW
  • Don, just wanted to send you a note. My wife has ridden this motorcycle for 17 years and after installing you carburetor diaphragm's and syncing the carbs,
    she says it has never ran better.  Thank you for supplying a simple well thought out economical alternative to the OEM part. Gordie   Twoguzziz@hotmail.com
  • KAWASAKI KZ440-400 Keihin CV carburetor diaphragm NEW (#230571313682)    KAWASAKI KZ440-400 Keihin CV carburetor diaphragm NEW
Excellent product worked great! Buyer: Member id hdsadey ( Feedback Score Of 62)  Feb-07-11 08:10
  • Fast shipping Good quality Buyer: Member id rttowne ( Feedback Score Of 26)  Feb-22-11 17:54
KAWASAKI KZ440-400 Keihin CV carburetor diaphragm K-71 mm (#330530551811
  • Work really well, cheers Buyer: Member id motogriper ( Feedback Score Of 334)  Mar-14-11 11:36
KAWASAKI KZ440-400 Keihin CV carburetor diaphragm K-71 mm (#330530551811)
  • Thanks, diaphragms installed easy price was right and shipping prompt Buyer: Member id e*skys* ( Feedback Score Of 112)  Mar-14-11 14:15
KAWASAKI KZ440-400 Keihin CV carburetor diaphragm K-71 mm (#330530551811)
  • KAWASAKI VULCAN 88 1500cc
  • Thank you for the parts, they fit perfectly.I will recommend  your name to my MC friends. Again, thank you for the great job,   Larry
  • Received the diaphragms today they fit great per the directions on your website My girlfriends kz400 runs perfectly again thank you so much. Will recomend
    your products to everyone i know needing rubber parts for their vintage bikes.  Ed Wrangler
  • Item as advertised. Quick shipping. Installed easily.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Buyer: Member id wolverinetal ( Feedback Score Of 319)  May-18-11  
KAWASAKI KZ440, KZ250 Keihin carburetor diaphragm 71mm (#230612921175)
  • Just wanted to thank you for the diaphrams I ordered on Friday (June 24th). I got them in today, put them on the Kawasaki KZ750, and cleaned the carbs--
    that did the trick-- it runs like a beast!! A few years ago we were having issues with the diaphrams, but couldn't find anyone who made them, so I'm glad you
    are making them now! Thanks again :)        Rebekah Bartlett
  • they fit great thanks david  Buyer: Member id 123.davidk ( Feedback Score Of 44) Nov-10-11 17:51
KAWASAKI KZ440, KZ400, KZ250. KZ750/4 Keihin CV32 Carburetor Diaphragm 71mm (#330632404350)
  • excellent : rapide et conforme a la descriptiion. je recommande , godd job !!!!!Buyer:Member id eps714 ( Feedback Score Of 500) Nov-08-11 02:43
YAMAHA XS & TX 650, 750, KAWASAKI KZ750 twin, Mikuni BS38 Carburetor Diaphragm (#230692796079)
  • made my 30 year ols carbs like new Buyer: Member id profloor181 ( Feedback Score Of 37) Nov-06-11 12:21 KAWASAKI KZ440, KZ400, KZ250. KZ750/4
    Keihin CV32 Carburetor Diaphragm 71mm (#330632404350)
  • Very fast shipping, parts as described. Highly recommended! Buyer:Member id rickgray1 ( Feedback Score Of 1028) Nov-04-11 17:29
YAMAHA XS & TX 650, 750, KAWASAKI KZ750 twin, Mikuni BS38 Carburetor Diaphragm (#230692796079)
  • item is as described, good packing & fast shipping Buyer: Member id cycletron2000 ( Feedback Score Of 346) Nov-04-11 10:56
Honda 350 Keihin Carburetor diaphragm 73mm diameter set (#330632404357)
  • Got the Honda 350 diaphragms. They look and fit great. Thank you very much!  Jack
  • Great product! Buy with confidence. Good price, no overpriced shipping.. Thanks!!   Buyer: Member id sgthagmane5 ( Feedback Score Of 164)
Honda CB & CL 350 Keihin Carburetor diaphragm 73mm diameter PAIR CB350 CL350 (#230742618347)
  • Arrived in great condition-better service than dealer. Buyer: Member id tin618 ( Feedback Score Of 569) Mar-22-12 14:00
KAWASAKI KZ440, KZ400, KZ250. KZ750/4 Keihin CV32 Carburetor Diaphragm 71mm (#330681211931)
  • Fitting instructions very good thanks   Buyer: Member id 14784 ( Feedback Score Of 460) Mar-11-12 12:25
KAWASAKI KZ440, KZ400, KZ250. KZ750/4 Keihin CV32 Carburetor Diaphragm 71mm
  • Honest seller.Quick shipper.As advertised. Great transaction. Thank you ! A+++++  Buyer:  Member id fut58_9 ( Feedback Score Of 839) Mar-07-12 11:24
KAWASAKI KZ440, KZ400, KZ250. KZ750/4 Keihin CV32 Carburetor Diaphragm 71mm (#330681211931)
  • Hello, the replacement Carburetor Diaphragm came it today.The quality of these parts is perfect and
better than the original in my opinion. I am working on Motorcycles since 1979 and was happy to get these high quality spareparts.
Thank you very much for your kindful help and assistance and the fast delivery.    Berlin/Germany WOLF......
  • I have used your diaphragms on 360 carbs for other people and found them to be excellent flexibility and much better pick up than 30+ yr old diaphragms.
Thanks,  PJ   (Peter Jones)
  • Hi Donald, the carb diaphagms I ordered for the Kawasaki Ninja (GPZ)900 fit and work perfectly-very pleased with the high quality of these replacements-
    please add this motorcycle to your list.      Regards David
  • Thanks you for the Diaphragms for the old Honda we were repairing. They were very easy to install per your instructions and worked great.....Jim
  • Thank you for good and fast service, and the replacement diaphragm works perfectly.  Sincerely, Bent Vorm
  • Don, An update on the (K-72-S) diaphragms.
I installed these diaphragms on 3 Hitachi HSC34 Carburetors. These were standard issue carburetors on Yamaha XS850 motorcycles from 1980 and 1981. The
groove diameter on the Carb itself is actually 73mm, but the dish and slide groove measurements are the same. Also, the key is slightly smaller on the hitachis than
it is on the Keihin. With a little trimming of the key, I was able to install them with little issue, and they work Great.
In case anyone asks in the future, These are a great fit for the XS850 with Hitachi Carbs.  From: "Brian Webster" brian.daniel.webster@gmail.com
  • Hello, Just to let you know that I fitted the diaphragms ( BS36CV Mikuni diaphragms M-73mm ) to my 1982 Yamaha XJ650 RJ with great results!  Nice snug
    fit, no glue used, instructions were very clear on the website.  Great product, thank you.
I will be ordering some for my FJ1100 in a year.
Cheers, Gareth, Melbourne, Australia
  • Don, just wanted to let you know that the two (2) K-73 Diaphragms I
ordered from you fit my 1969 Honda CB350 K0 perfect.  Thanks so much.  Pat
  • I now have used several of your Diaphragms for the CB360, CB350 and KZ440 I have found them easy to install and they work VERY WELL .
  • I received my diaphragm for my Keihin CV 32 carb for my KZ750/4 quickly and installed it with no problems. Following your instructions on your website made
    it a piece of cake. It fit so perfect i can't believe guys are even considering the need for any type of glue. The bike runs the best it has run in years. Thanks
    for the great product and great service. Dave
  • Received diaphragms and they fit perfectly. I still have a little work to do before a test ride but looking at how smooth the operation is I expect a vast
    improvement. Thanks for your help and producing a great product. Regards, Craig
  • So after getting my head out of my a__ got your diaphragms, got my Honda 350 engine back together and K-73 diaphragms in, and all works PERFECT! Bike
    has not run like this since the 70's. Thanx alot for your product and being there, I am sure you have made many people very happy, me included!  Bob
  • Hi Don,    Would you please send me an invoice for two (2) K-78mm Keihin Diaphragms for Honda CB360, 1975. I’ve bought some before for another bike
    and they’re perfect. Thank you, Peter Thiel, 4 Matthew St, Prospect, CT 06712
  • I just received the K 67 diaphragm for my 2007 Arctic Cat XT650 H1 CVK36-36 carb and it fits great!  "Kevin" ... Kevin.Enright@ATK.com
  • Hi, could you send me an invoice for (2) K 67diaphragms? I have a '00 750 Vulcan. I have purchased  these
before for another 750 Vulcan and they work great.  Thanks!    John Vogel,  USA
  • Could you please send an invoice for {2} k-73 diaphragms for a cl350 Honda?  Thanks for the last batch they run like champs!  Regards, Caleb Bailey,       
Southend Cycleworks,    704-909-8771
  • Cheers mate, many thanks, those diaphrams here in the uk cost 600 pounds for 4---great idea and design you have there
  • Thank you so much pal !!  Diaphragm fits perfectly to my Thundercat and delivery was fast and all went well . ( CVK36  K-67  Diaphragm ) Thanks a lot.
I appreciate your work and will recommend you to all of my friends. Cheers !!    Aki Lappalainen ,  Finland.
  • Thank you so much. The  H-68 diaphragms worked great and fixed my Honda Shadow. The 20 dollars I spent on the diaphragms sure beat the 140 dollars
    quoted everywere else. Keep up the good work
Oh, and by the way they worked/went on a 1983 Honda Shadow 500 with a dual keihin carb with metal slides thanks again,   Chris
  • Hi I would like to order 6 more of the K-73 (CB350) diaphragms, I have used over 30 of your product as I rebuild these carbs and they work excellent.
Send to Sandy Martin #19 , 720 commonwealth RD, Kelowna B.C. V4V1R5    Canada     Email address:  gissman@shaw.ca
  • Back again!!  I ordered two diaphragms, K-73, for my 1968 Honda CL350 a couple years ago and they are GREAT!!  I have a couple friends with vintage CB
    350s as well that were skeptics when I first installed them.  Well, two years later their diaphragms are "melting" form pump gas and mine are still as strong as
    the day I installed them! Not surprising that they are now asking me to convert their slides to your diaphragms as well.Thanks for providing such a great
    product!!  You're saving lives (motorcycle lives).  Peter Shelley,   15148 Crane Street,   Fontana, CA 92336     909-921-5962
  • I got them today, thank you! Man what a great K-67 product for my 99 Vulcan 750! Easy perfect fit, better than new and what a difference they made! The old
    girl is running like an ape with his ass on fire!  THANK YOU!!   Dave Nelson
  • This makes over 50 of your product We have used in our M/C business for the CB350 & CB360 .
     They are very easy to install and work justgreat.                                                                                                                                                       
     Thanks,   Gary & Sandy  
G&S Used M/C Parts

NOTE ON K-67 Diaphragms:  These definitely fit and work on my bike, so they'll work on any Kawasaki Vulcan 750 (VN750) and 95% certain that they'll
work on the VN700 because that was just the 750 in a 700cc version due to the Harley tax in the 80s.  These bikes have two Keihin CVK34 carbs in a v-
twin setup.

Installed my new K-67 diaphragms on my Kawasaki VN700. I recently ear shaved and rejetted but wasn't getting the throttle response I was looking for.
Your product completed my carb rebuild. Am 99% sure K-67 will fit all VN700 and VN750 from 1985-2006. When I go online to look for parts for my bike I
usually look under VN750 because there are more parts available for them and everything has fit. Anyway, great product, great price. Will recommend to
others and will order more in the future.
Only $19.50 each
Need more info? Click here.
Please state groove diameter
and sizes page
Please state carburetor make & groove diameter
  • JBM replacement carburetor diaphragms for your vintage motorcycle are made from special TSR compound that resists heat and fuels with ethanol.
  • Diaphragms have a smooth "rolling" action and eliminate the possibility of leakage at the plastic rings.
  • JBM carb diaphragms are easy to install, and inexpensive, giving added life to old bikes.
  • Restores smooth operation and original fuel economy.
  • Very cheap to ship.
Testimonials from a few that tried them:
Click here to go
to Hitachi
diaphragm page.
Honda 350 works the same way. Metal rings must be cut off.
This shows tire going on a Honda 360 carburetor slide.
Diaphragm tire is slightly undersize to retain the slide to diaphragm.
Honda 360 & 350: Air holes in the
slide go on the
intake side!
If ordering the 68mm round groove diaphragm used
on Hitachi Carburetors for use in a Keihin as shown
here in these photos, be SURE that the small hole in
the locating tab is not drilled to any other passages.
Some of these Keihins have a brass tube though this
hole, and others, such as the one shown here are
blank and do nothing. ( see second photo )
So far, all JBM supplies for these 68 mm round
groove carbs is Hitachi 68 mm with
no locating tab.
Vulcan uses
Rubber tire is slightly undersize to clamp diaphragm to slide.
Both sides of Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 diaphragm are shown.
Diaphragms shown here fit the Keihin CVK 36 used on the Kawasaki Vulcan 1500cc & Ninja 900 "FLAT SLIDE CARB"
See note Below about Vulcan VN750 VN700
Click here to go to Keihin
"VG" series diaphragm page
Click here to go to Keihin
"VG" series diaphragm page
Click here to go to Keihin "VG" series diaphragm page
Honda Hurricane  CBR
To prevent rotation or removal:
Some folks want to use Super Glue adhesive on the slide,
and this will not harm anything, but be
sure not to get
adhesive on the sides of the slide. Use sparingly, as solvents
are not good for the rubber.
  • Order K-78mm Keihin
    Diaphragm for Honda 360
  • Order K-73mm Keihin for
Honda CB or CL 350
NOTE: When using side cutters to cut metal
retaining rings, "Rock" the cutter back and forth
from side to side to split ring.
Click here to see 'How to  REPAIR" a
damaged  Honda CB or CL350
carburetor slide.
To Order, just send us an EMAIL like this sample:  
Hi , could you send me an invoice for (2) K-67 diaphragms ? I have a 1994 Kawasaki 750 Vulcan. I have purchased these
before for another bike and they worked great!
Thanks !  John , USA ))                                                   
Please state groove diameter
and sizes page
Keihin Replacement
Diaphragm Page
Key Groove detail. K-71 shown for KZ 440 & KZ 750 4 cylinder
Video Click HERE
  • Got mine yesterday for my kz 400. Easier install than i thought
    it would be and it runs great!!! Thank you!!! Brian Behrens
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Flange intake carburetor
holder page.
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intake carburetor holder page.
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Flange intake carburetor
holder page.
I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that I received my k-71 diaphragm for my 1980 Kawasaki kz750h 750/4, which has keihin cv34 carbs.  I thought
you might like to update the site with cv34 fitment info, as it currently lists cv32 for the k-71.
Your instructions were excellent, product is excellent, installation only took about 15 mins including removing the old clips and diaphragm, and the JBM
diaphragm fit the keihins like a glove!  No need for any glue, and its literally a perfect fit!  Also, I recieved my package with 2 days of payment, absolutely
awesome service!  -Chris Benoit, oak ridge, TN, USA.
Just wanted to say I got those 2 cb360 diaphragms today. They're installed and my bike is back running like a bat out of hell, better than new. Thank you so
much.   ......Steve
Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for the diaphragms I ordered. They came in today, and were easy to install and fit perfectly. They completely solved the
problems I was having with my motorcycle carbs. Much better than spending hundreds on new slide/diaphragm assemblies! :)   Tim OBrien