updated: 01/21/16
  • This page will show you how to install the JBM Industries rubber carburetor diaphragm on your Keihin carburetor
    used on '84 to '96 Honda VT1100, 700, 800, & CBR 1000F Hurricane motorcycles. These are "VG" series carbs.
  • The JBM Diaphragms are made from TSR rubber and must be glued to the throttle slide, as the slide is made of
    plastic. The original diaphragms were held in place by a plastic ring that was glued in place. The JBM diaphragms
    use a thick rubber "tire" that is glued directly to the slide using Super Glue "Gel" type adhesive. The Super Glue
    "Gel" can be purchased at "Family Dollar Stores" for $1. JBM does not ship this adhesive with the diaphragms.
    This same method & diaphragm is used on Honda GL1500 / 6cylinder Vintage Motorcycle.
  • These diaphragms fit a 72mm diameter groove Keihin "VG" series carburetor. The diaphragm has a "key" with a
    small hole molded in, so you do not need to purchase O-rings. The carburetor shown here has a small tube
    through the key, but this is non-fuctioning on this carb, as the cover plate blocks this off.
  • Honda V4 1100 models have metal slides and use our K-72-S diaphragm with smaller central hole in tire.
Chip away carefully the plastic retaining ring that is glued on.
This ring came off easily. It MUST be removed completely.
Remember that glue alone will be lifting your carburetor slide.
Use only a SMALL amount of glue.
Too much glue can swell and ruin the rubber tire.
Super Glue can be purchased at many drug stores.
Keep glue off the sides of the slide. Use small amount only.
You have about 15 seconds to get the
marks to align with Super Glue Gel.
Order: K-72 Diaphragms for plastic slides.
K-72-S Diaphragms for metal or plastic slides
that need the smaller hole in center.
Remove slide assembly to check if metal or plastic.

These JBM Industries diaphragms are produced on a limited production basis
and we are often
"SOLD OUT" on these items, so order now.
To order: E-Mail sales@jbmindustries.com
and request a PAY PAL INVOICE for
the parts you want.
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Be sure slide cut-away
is positioned correctly.
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How to Order page
How to Order page
Vintage Honda Motorcycle Carburetor Diaphragms for PLASTIC Keihin slides.
Hi, I received the carb slide diaphragms' that we order this week, we installed them and they work.
I don't remember the part number but I think they were 72mm
Any ways they worked on a Honda 1984 VT700C
Thanks Bill  .....The Parts Store & Service Center, 51073 Milano Drive, Macomb MI 48042

You guys request to know what applications these can  fit--  I am installing them in carbs from a 84 vt700 honda  they should fit any 83-85 vt700 with that groove
diameter  this will be the 3rd set i have installed on these type of bike,  first time buying them from your company, others don't last and don't fit correctly without
modification.  Your version definitely show better quality and craftsmanship.  We will be spreading the word that you guys have these available for a lot of models.  
Thanks again,   Dan Reckmo <turboranger95@att.net>

The replacement Carburetor Diaphragm came it today. The quality of these parts is perfect and better than the original in my opinion.
I am working on Motorcycles since 1979 and was happy to get these high quality spareparts.
Thank you very much for your kindful help and assistance and the fast delivery.
Berlin/Germany WOLF......

Subject: GL1500 Diaphragms
The K-72 worked perfectly on the GL1500 carbs. They are the same. No modifications required. A bit of super glue and that is it. Go ahead and list them for the
GL1500. Obviously Keihin used the same slides in them. Bike runs awesome again. I will pass this info on over at the forums. Thanks  andynbrandyshow@yahoo.com

I just wanted to tell you thank you so much! The K-72 diaphragm worked perfectly on my 1986 Honda VT1100c Shadow.   jaybasich@gmail.com  Greendale Wisconsin

JBM Industries part K-72 & K-72-S are the same except for the size of the hole in the central tire.
Go to Keihin K-72-S Page
Click here for video of K-72-S
Thank you for sending the first diaphram I purchased. Skeptical i only ordered one, It was the easiest modification I have made and saved me well over
$100. I would like to order one more K-72 to finish my gl1500. Thank you delatte5854@hughes.net       
 NOTE: JBM reccomends that all diaphragms be changed
at once for balance.