K-62 Diaphragm installation on plastic "Flat Slide".
This slide is used on some Russian Ural motorcycles as well as certain Kawasaki.
Diaphragm to fit Keihin carbs with 62 mm diameter OD of groove.
Updated: 09/16/18
After removal of plastic ring and old rubber diaphragm, this shows what you should have after sanding,
ready for gluing on the replacement diaphragm. The old plastic ring can be removed with an abrasive
cut-off wheel in a Dremel or high speed die grinder if you use great care and have a steady hand. You
might also try an electric hot knife to cut the plastic ring. We offer a video to show how we did it the first
time we tried if you click
Dry-fit the diaphragm first to see how it will fit before you use any Cyanoacrylate "Super Glue".
Be sure to only use fresh glue, as old glue may look fine, but will not hold well.
Gel type glue can also be used, but use all glues very sparingly as the solvents can affect the rubber.
Be very careful not to get glue on the plastic part where you don't want it.
NOTE:  Please see if you can
remove your old diaphragm first
before you order. Watch the
video and get slide in the
condition shown here.
This slide might be used in Keihin carburetors used on some models of Ural, Kawasaki EX500, Vulcan
500, EN500 C9F, and Concourse.
Download a short video HERE.