Jabiru original rubber is hard and shows age cracks.
Rubber intake manifold tube isolator carburetor socket boot for Jabiru 6 and 4 cylinder aircraft  
engines. The JBM Industries replacement for old age hardened, cracked, or torn parts that are
made in the USA and are less expensive than original equipment. This carburetor socket measures
52 mm on both ends and has mechanical locking rib to prevent thrown carburetors.
Made of 80 durometer TSR compound, this replacement is only
$39.   ( Jabiru  OEM original part is $55 )
JBM Industries & Jabiru original carburetor socket.
JBM Industries Jabiru socket replacement shows locking ribs.
Please note the age cracks in this old
original part. Our stainless lined
clamps prevent the marks from the
worm housing.
JBM Industries "Jabiru" replacement only costs $39, yet has alignment &
locking ribs like original carburetor socket boot.
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Made by JBM Industries in Uniontown, Ohio, USA for use on
Jabiru light sport aircraft engines.
Does NOT fit early model 4 cylinder engines.
52 mm I.D.
Note: These parts are a low production item, and we might
have them posted as "sold out" from time to time.
Jabiru Carburetor Intake Socket Boots
$39 each
Stainless Lined Clamps click here.
Stainless Lined Clamps click here.
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updated 09/16/18