How to order JBM Industries rubber carburetor diaphragms, sockets, holders, boots, grommets,
springs, and parts for:
professionals that repair or service Rotax aircraft or vintage motorcycles.
  • First be SURE you measure and know exactly what you want. Don't guess! See if you can find the part listed on our site. See the
    "How to Measure" page for help in measuring diaphragms for motorcycles. Know what brand of carb you have! If you do not see
    the part listed, we don't make it.... We cannot answer questions about carburetors or what fits, as we simply manufacture parts.

  • JBM does NOT use factory part numbers.   Owner user groups or "lists" can tell you the JBM part that will work.
  • Send an email to to request a Pay Pal Invoice with your country and parts you want.
  • Be SURE to send it from the email address that you want the invoice returned to. Just describe the size measurement and
    part you want.... Original part numbers mean nothing to us, so please don't use them.
  • When you pay the invoice:  Be sure that you type your address correctly when giving it to Pay Pal. ...No need to email your full
    address to JBM. ( We get that from Pay Pal after you type it in. )
  •  Some find this all too difficult and complicated, and those folks should NOT order as you must be able to follow
    instructions exactly to install correctly........All we need is:
  •  #1: The country you are in. (to figure shipping.)
  •  #2: The part you want.
  •  #3: How many of them.
(( ACTUAL EXAMPLEs:  (2)   M-73 diaphragms  -  USA

                                            (1) Rotax 503 Carb Socket  & (4) carb cable grommets.   -  UK     

  • You should get your invoice by email from Pay Pal within 24 hours.  ( Sometimes much less ) Check your SPAM file for invoice.
  • JBM uses Pay Pal Shipping services, and we get your address from Pay Pal. Tip: Don't use abbreviations in your address.
( Example: Saint Louis, not St. Louis     -------    Mount Vernon, not Mt. Vernon  )  Please limit your Ship To "Address 1" length
to less than 40 characters per line.
Pay Pal will send you an email with any tracking or proof of delivery numbers when we print your label. SAVE THIS NUMBER

  • Most of the time the Pay Pal system works very well. You do NOT need a Pay Pal account to pay.   Sometimes it will not work
    from a cell phone. ( Too much fraud )    E-MAILS TO US ABOUT YOUR PAID ORDER MUST INCLUDE PAY PAL INVOICE #

  • You can also mail Cash, Check, or Money Order payments to: JBM Industries, 2569 Myersville Rd, Uniontown, Ohio 44685 USA...
    Be sure to state clearly what your payment is for.  You do NOT need an invoice if you send Check or Money Order.
  • Please include shipping costs as shown below.
  • Should your computer not have a pop-up that works, just copy and paste the JBM email address in your email program.
  • When you get your invoice, look it over. Be sure address, quantity, and amount is correct. If not let us know, as we can edit it.
  • If you approve, please just click "pay" on the invoice within 3 days and use any credit card.

  • Be SURE to check your SPAM file for your invoice..!    ( You will get tracking number from Pay Pal when we print the label. )
  • If you do not like price, shipping, tracking, handling, and terms on your invoice, DON'T PAY.   If you agree with invoice: Just click
    the "Pay" Button on the invoice and follow instructions.  Unpaid invoices will be canceled.   
  • It is Important that you click the "PAY" button on the invoice.  Don't just send money without clicking on this button so we
    know which invoice you are paying for.
Your parts will come to you by mail. We never use Parcel Post or UPS.. We always ship by first class or priority mail. We don't use NEXT DAY, Express, or other
high cost services
( If you are in a big hurry, you should have ordered sooner! )              
Domestic delivery is $8.00 & takes 3 to 5 working days. If you use Pay Pal, you can get tracking and delivery confirmation from them.
  • Foreign delivery time varies a lot. France, Germany, Finland, and most of Europe takes only 6 working days usually. United Kingdom takes 10 - 12
    working days. No tracking from USPS on foreign shipments as foreign system is different !

JBM ships for the least cost, and we do our best to prevent delays in Customs, but buyer is responsible for any Duty or Taxes.   Pay Pal determines value.
  • Most shipments have a proof of delivery or customs number. This number does NOT work in all foreign countries, so it is NOT possible to track your foreign
    package after it leaves the USA. To track: contact Customs in your country.  
JBM Industries ships very fast, usually within 24 hours or less. We cannot do anything after we ship.    ( 10:30 AM )
Foreign S/H price is $42     Aircraft rubber, gaskets, springs, etc. Goes by weight & value.
Foreign box or envelope:  
Canada  $29.00
Other Countries  $42.00       ( Up to 4 pounds, so combine orders if you can. )    Note: If you do not agree with shipping costs... Do not pay invoice !
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If you encounter any issues, please send us a screen print of the error.
The 'Prnt Scrn' button saves screen images, paste this image into an email to:
There is no "shopping cart"
JBM Industries does not know what carburetor or type of engine you have. We are a manufacturer and wholesaler of molded or machined parts. The
customer must know what parts he wants. JBM Industries makes no claims that the parts we manufacture will solve all your problems, or that you will know
how to install or use the parts we offer. Some parts require tools and knowledge that you may not have. If in doubt:
Have an expert order and install.
Any unused part we manufacture can be returned within 30 days if the buyer thinks it is not fit for use. The buyer is the final inspector.
Countries that JBM Industries
does NOT ship to; due to
unreliable, or slow mail delivery:

South America  ( all countries )
Do not telephone !
You must get our invoice first, then pay with any credit card.

PAY PAL clears all of our credit card sales.
WARNING: The person that pays, is the person we
must ship to. If you pay, we cannot ship it to your
brother, uncle, or service shop.  JBM cannot ship it
to a different country other than the one you have
listed with Pay Pal, so be SURE your address is
correct BEFORE you order an invoice from us.
Do not call on the telephone to order parts.
We have no method of taking your order.
MOST IMPORTANT: JBM DOES NOT CHANGE ADDRESS so be SURE your address is entered and correct with Pay Pal
How long does shipping take?  When will I get my parts?

These are questions that we cannot answer. Parts are
sent by the US Postal Service. Delivery is up to them and
we have no control over your delivery, and can do nothing
to "speed it up".
Foreign shipments are tracked until they leave the USA.
Then, there is no more tracking and the foreign country it
was sent to can help you find it. Please check with your
Customs Office about delivery or delay.

Questions to JBM about an order:
We strongly recommend you replace all
diaphragms at one time to preserve response
balance and prevent engine damage.