$74 pair
$74 pair
These photos show what can happen in only 3 months using ordinary
pump gas if you are using imported carburetor holder socket boots.
Metal covers can hide age cracks.
 JBM holders are made from TSR.

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Be sure to visit our page for  new rubber diaphragms for your
Mikuni BS38 & BS34 CV carburetors.
Straight flanges were used on early 1970 thru 1973 engines and
use a BS38CV Carburetor. These also fit Yamaha TX 750 engines.
$74 pair
BS34mm Used from 1980 on.
Also use on some "VM" carbs ( measure spigot ) see below.
BS38mm with angle used from 1974 thru 1979
48mm diameter opening.
70mm between holes.
Early model Yamaha 650 twin engines used a flange
without angles on it and a BS38CV carburetor. Fits TX 750,
too. Face
not rubber covered -- so use a gasket.
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Yamaha 650 information.
Click here to see carburetors and JBM
straight socket holders installed on a
TX750 with Mikuni BS38 carbs.Click
    If you want to use metal cans to cover your
    intake sockets, please do NOT BUY JBM Flanges
    These holders use Clamps only !
Most frequent question we get is: Will they hold the
carburetors and air filters unsupported?
Answer: Yes as that is how it is done on the aircraft engines.
Some folks even hang an unsupported silencer box on them, but
we do not recommend that much weight. See ultralight photos.
JBM Industries makes BS38CV
holders without angle for early
models 1970-1973
Straight version for early models
shown at bottom of page.
Vacuum tubes are
NOT recommended
as they weaken the
Work for 36mm/38mm VM/TM not the 30mm to 34mm VM carbs.
Notes:  JBM Yamaha 650 carburetor holders that are angled have rubber covered metal plates. Gaskets
may not be needed.
JBM Yamaha 650 carburetor holders that are straight do NOT have rubber covering the metal plate, so
MUST be used.
Be sure your bolts have at least 5 full turns of engagement into the cylinder head. Use Loc-Tite on the
threads, and don't over tighten as the metal plate can be bent.
Do not over tighten hose clamps, as they can cut into the rubber.
JBM no longer drills the plates or installs vacuum barbs, as this weakens the plate and takes too much time
for us to do. Customer must install his own barbs at his own risk.
Due to production demands, these holders will be marked sold-out from time to time, so if you
need them,
buy when available!
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Click here to see stainless clamps
7mm holes can be drilled out to 11mm if needed.
Holes are on 70mm centers.
These stainless steel lined worm clamps are
different that common hose clamps. A sharp
eye can see the difference, as these have a
metal strip beneath the worm housing.
I have your carb holders on my 75 XS650B and my 79 XS650SF and am very happy with them.  Thanks,   Tom Freise: from Missouri, USA
$74 pair
Mikuni VM32 Carburetor holders for
Yamaha 650.  70mm between holes.
Fit 39mm carburetor spigot.
Locking rib to prevent thrown carbs.
Note: Mikuni VM 39mm carburetor holders are made on a very limited production basis until we see what
demand will be.  Expect these to be frequently
"SOLD OUT" until we learn how many and what types to make
such as straight or angled.  JBM believes these are used on custom motorcycles, and not original equipment.
$2 each
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