This page describes the JBM Industries flange type carburetors socket boot carburetor holders for intakes on Rotax 912 and HKS engines.
JBM is selling exactly the same part for both of these engines. These sockets fit BING model 64 CV carburetors used on Light Sport Aircraft.
This part is a copy of the original Rotax part of the latest type and made of 80 durometer
TSR material.  ( Same hardness as Rotax part )
  •        The JBM Industries part has the same locking rib to prevent the carburetors from being thrown.
  •        The TSR compound prevents rapid age cracking and short life found in original HKS engine sockets.
  •        The 80 Durometer rubber gives more stiffness to prevent carburetor shaking and whipping on HKS engines.
  •        These flange sockets have a sealing lip that compresses against the intake manifold. 912 Rotax may also use O-ring.
  •        JBM flange sockets have a steel plate that has been vulcanized into the TSR material.
Only $76 each
  • This boot is made from a special long lasting rubber that will not age crack for a very long time.  Note: This does not mean that they cannot be torn or ripped.
  • This is made to replace the new type Rotax socket and has a metal flange embedded in the rubber and has a rubber sealing rib as well.
  • Rotax dealers want $105  or more for this part.  # 267-787
  •        This is not the short lived foreign made part sold by others.
  •        This Flange Socket measures 75 mm hole centers, 29 mm high, and a 38 mm minimum diameter throat .
  •        This socket fits Bing Model 64 CV type carburetors.
  •        This socket is also a perfect fit for Mikuni H4 Carburetors.
  •        JBM uses no fillers in the high quality TSR compound. You can tighten the clamp on this socket without fear of damage or age cracks. (Loose clamps can
    cause mechanical damage and air leaks to the inside of the socket.) Clamps that are too tight will tear the rubber where it pulls down.
  •        JBM Industries recommends that you remove any limiters on your clamps. You can tighten clamps on our sockets snug, just don't cut into the rubber.
  •        This socket boot is NOT available from Rotax and you cannot buy them from "ROTAX ONLY" parts suppliers. This part is far less expensive than the ROTAX
    original part, and will outlast any of the cheap import replacement parts. Our sockets use steel plates, and our vulcanization is high quality.
  •        Don't be fooled by others that try to copy our sockets. A genuine JBM carburetor socket will have "JBM" stamped right on the carburetor end.
  • These are high quality sockets. JBM's TSR rubber is not stronger, just better.  Limited production, so we are often sold out.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO:

              Don't buy them because they are cheaper, buy them because they are better!
  • This part is made in the USA and is NOT an import.
NOTICE: This is NOT a Rotax part, not made by, nor sold by Rotax
dealers. This part replaces to Rotax part #
These flange sockets can be used with paper gaskets if you feel
that you need them, and the sealing rib will not be harmed in any
way. Some 912 Rotax engines also seal with an O-ring. This can
become damaged, lost, or pinched.
    There are two sizes of O-ring so you must measure:
Older models take 44 mm diameter:     
ORDER O-RING 44  $4 ea
Newer models take 47 mm diameter     ORDER O-RING 47  $4 ea
JBM supplies these O-ring from VITON material for high
Gasoline with 10% ethanol as well as aviation 100LL is compatible.
These Sockets will work with automotive type hose clamps as well.


"Good day JBM Rubbers

About 1 year ago I was totally distraught with the life of the original HKS 700e carb rubbers and at about 100 hrs they were finished, now after almost 150hrs and
installing your product they are still going strong with no signs of yes I am a happy camper !! Good products and I congratulate you on the
Many Thanks,
Paul Lintott
Owner:   Air Magic South Africa

Thank you for a great product. Fast shipping. Buyer:
johanngestur ( 56) Sep-08-09 03:26
ROTAX 912 & HKS Carburetor Socket Boot Bing & Mikuni H4 (#230359062145)

Great Seller,Great description,communication,packaging,shipping charges. Buyer:
jamesc9930 ( 25) Dec-13-09 09:14
ROTAX 912 & HKS Carburetor Socket Boot Bing 64 Carb JBM (#230396218810)

I bought a pair of 912 carb rubbers a few months ago for my 912s Kitfox. I just wanted to say thanks. They are excellent and I have recommended them to lots of
other friends who are fed up with carbs falling off and cracked rubbers.
Nice work.
Jonathan Holland

I have been using a pair of your 912 carb rubber sockets for quite some time now on my Kitfox in the UK, and they have lasted over twice as many hours as the
standard Rotax ones I previously had so far, without any visible signs of trouble, great !!
I have also advised a friend who had lots of trouble with his Kitfox / 912S carbs jumping off on start up and shut down, and he now has your rubbers fitted with
success.    Neil France,    England

I bought & fitted your carb rubbers to my Rotax 912ULS just over 3 years ago & promised to report their performance.
We have had no trouble to date and removed & refitted  them last year to do an internal check ,in addition to doing an external check on each daily.
The Rotax items only lasted a few months previously.
I hope you are still doing them & we definitely be ordering more when needed.
Thanks & best regards,  Mark Evans
To order:
75 mm between bolt hole centers
( 3 inches )
Rotax 912 Rubber Socket Flanges also fit HKS engines
Updated 10/26/22
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