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JBM Industries in Kent, Ohio makes many innovative machined and rubber molded parts of  high quality. The parts
offered here are manufactured by us right here in Kent, Ohio, USA
While we are mostly known for our
long lasting rubber parts for Rotax, & HKS engines used in light sport aircraft
and ultralight aircraft, we make other parts, such as vibration Isolators, gaskets, and stainless steel exhaust springs
that fit specific Rotax applications.
If you own a Rotax 377, 447, 582, or 912 engine, you will find that our molded carburetor socket boots and manifold
flange boots will far outlast the original equipment or after-market parts now sold by others. We also make a socket
that will fit HKS  engine flange mounted carburetors such as the Bing model 64.
JBM manufactures many sockets and boots to fit the popular Bing model 54 carburetor and special sockets to fit
older Rotax engines using the Mikuni type carburetors.
Please see our Jabiru socket here.

JBM makes replacement Rotax "dual carb" intake silencer boots for Bing 54 that will last. If you are disappointed in
the amount of service you get from Rotax original parts, or don't like paying the high prices, please give the
parts a try.... You cannot get a
JBM original part from a Rotax or MZ dealer.

Another example is the
Yamaha 650 motorcycle Mikuni BS-38, BS-34 , & BS34SS CV carburetor diaphragms
that were designed to be easy to replace, with limited production, and far less cost than buying original parts. We
now make over 14 sizes for older vintage motorcycles.  Made in USA of high quality materials.
  • Yamaha 650 twin carburetor holder rubber intake manifolds, made of high quality TSR compound, are
    made to replace the very inferior imported parts now being sold for these vintage motorcycles. Click on
    picture for more information.
  • Honda GL 1100 carburetor holder rubber socket boots for intake manifold are now available. These  
    innovative rubber carburetor boots are designed as replacements for originals that have been vulcanized to
    the intake manifolds. The JBM parts are easy to replace, and if ever needed in the future, replacement is a
    snap. Made in USA from our TSR compound & sales of these parts come directly from the manufacturer.
Rotax Stainless Steel Exhaust Spring
Bing carburetor primer port plug
Rubber ignition wire boots
Fuel Tank push grommets
Carburetor Socket for Rotax
447, 503 using Bing model
54 or Mikuni H4 carb.
Rotax 582 Carburetor
socket boot.
Rotax flange type carburetor
socket for 912 engines using
Bing model 64.
Also fits HKS engines
Rotax 582 cylinder head
rubber gasket O-ring set.
Long Lasting rubber throttle
cable adjuster covers fit Bing
and Mikuni carburetors.
Replacement diaphragms for
Yamaha SX TX650 Mikuni
BS-38,  BS-34, & BS-34SS CV
carburetors last longer and are
easy to install.
Air Intake Silencer boots for
dual carburetor equipped
Rotax engines.
Yamaha 650 twin Carburetor
holder rubber intake manifold
isolates heat and vibration.
The one shown above fits
Mikuni BS-38 CV carburetors.
This straight Flange type
Yamaha carburetor holder is
used on early 1970 thru 1973
Rotax gaskets for 2 stroke
engines & Bing 54 carburetor
Not sure if these fit GL1200
Honda Goldwing GL1000,
GL1100,  manifold intake
carburetor holders
Made from TSR
compound, these
carburetor manifold
socket holder boots will
outlast original equipment.
Updated 04/22/14
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Shows KZ440 carburetor slide installed.
Fits Kawasaki 440 twins and some 750 four cylinder models.
Diaphragms for Keihin CV Carburetors used
on Kawasaki 400 and 440 twins, KZ750/4
and many other
motorcycles. 71 mm outer
groove diameter.
Click picture for more information.
Click picture for Chinook Light
Sport Aircraft information
Click for information on custom
molded Honda GL1100, 1000
Goldwing carburetor
socket boots.
We also have the diaphragms for Mikuni 28mm carbs used on some bikes.
Hitachi Carburetor replacement
These diaphragms fit Yamaha
Maxim XJ650G and Seca
Keihin VG carburetor diaphragms used with a plastic
carburetor slide.
Fits Honda Hurricane CBR 1000 made from 1987 to 1996.
Also fits Honda  VT700 & VT800 fitted with plastic slides.
Order K-72-S for Honda V4 1100 or Shadow
VT1100 models with metal slides. Also
VTR250, VFR400R, NC-30, with plastic slides.
TK carburetor replacement diaphragms are easy to install.
TEIKEI or TK Carburetor
Diaphragm Yamaha XT350
Hello Don,

I am really satisfied with your product.The price/quality relation is perfect.  If threre is
anything what I can do for you here in Germany,  don't hesitate to contact me.  Have
a great day.
Wolf from the sunny Berlin......  :o)
Click Here for diaphragm " How to
measure" page for listings of
motorcycle carburetor diaphragms
manufactured by JBM
Instruction for installing this Sheng Wey
Carburetor diaphragm for Johnny Pag
Motorcycle shows in detail how the
diaphragm works.
See the "How to Order" page
Hi Don,
Thank you for your speedy reply. Payment sent via PayPal.
PS. I just returned from a 1,000 mile round trip after installing the new BS34
diaphragm set I borrowed from a good friend, and they performed excellently.  I was
very pleased.

Ben Bennink
Just a quick note to say diaphrams arrived promptly and by following your website
installation instructions fitted perfectly in a matter of minutes. Not yet fired the bike up
yet as there are other things on list to do but I am sure it will run sweet as a nut!!.
Again, your website is fab and while Kawasaki continue to charge £140 for each
diaphragm (attached of course to a new slide which you don't really need), I can
imagine you must be very busy.
Keep up the good work.    Regards,  Nick.
Hi Don.
I am sorry it took so long but I wanted to let you know that the
diaphragms worked perfect for my bike and I have recommended you to
a lot of people. Thanks again!!!!!!!
Click here to see
Click here to see more about Jabiru Carburetor sockets we manufacture.
Jabiru carburetor sockets
I received my diaphragm for my Keihin CV 32 carb for my KZ750/4 quickly and installed it with no problems. Following your instuctions on your website made it a
piece of cake. It fit so perfect I can't believe guys are even considering the need for any type of glue. The bike runs the best it has run in years. Thanks for the
great product and great service. Dave
Carb rubbers , wow , I must admit they are the best quality , I have a set
on my plane which have done 4 years service and have never been
touched ,
The plug caps and the throttle cable adjuster are just as good excellent
quality , thanks for a great product  , Regards Alex Rudd, ...South Africa
NOTE about new M-H-68 mm diaphragms to fit 28mm Mikuni Carbs:
Received diaphragms and they fit perfectly. I still have a little work to do before a test ride but looking at how smooth the operation is I expect a vast improvement.
Thanks for your help and producing a great product.  Regards,   Craig
JBM industries supplies copy carb sockets for the 447/503/582 and 912 engines. They
also supply gaskets for the rotax engines and cable boots etc.
Has anyone on the forum purchased their products, and if so what do they think of them.
If you fit any of their products, is it a mod??
I fitted two of their carb sockets about 2 years ago to my Quantum 912 which I am half
shares on. The reason we fitted JBM ones was because after trawling the net could find
hundreds of hits about rotax ones failing. I couldnt find any on JBM ones failing. The fact
that the JBM ones were a lot cheaper did swing it for us to try them out.
Once they were delivered from America, took about a week, I must say I was impressed with
the quality, they fitted spot on and there was a locking rib inside to locate the carb.
Mine are still like new and I am happy, and would purchase them again.
A friend of mine fitted some to his 582, and they are the same, still no signs of cracking, but
only a year or so old.
Comments about age cracking.
This is a large site with much information, so enjoy your stay and check back often.
Gidday Don
I have already restored a 1980 XS650SG and a 1981 XV1000RH, and fitted your replacement Vacuum Slide diaphragms to both Makuni and Hitachi carbs.
They work great with total reliability.
I am now restoring a 1979 Yamaha XS750F which is an Australian production bike.
The bike is all original and fitted with Mikuni BS34-11 carbs.                 I would like to purchase 3 replacement diaphragms to suit the BS34 CV carbs.
Thank you so much. The  H-68 diaphragms worked great and fixed my Honda Shadow. The 20 dollars I spent on the diaphragms sure beat the 140 dollars
quoted everywere else. Keep up the good work
Oh, and by the way they worked/went on a 1983 Honda Shadow 500 with a dual keihin carb with metal slides thanks again,   Chris
Hi mate my name is Lawrence borg i recently brought some diaphragms of u and they are brilliant better then the original by far i would also like an invoice for
another 6 Keihin K'72,S diaphragms for My Honda VF 1000 F2 Its a 1985 model please. Laurie. Australia thanks mate.
The fitment of the Mikuni 70 mm diaphragm of the BS 34 SS CV works on the Mikuni BS 32 that is on my 1982 Kawasaki 650 H2 CSR also.  Awesome fit and
one of the easiest replacement parts I have ever dealt with.  Just as you said it would on your website. james.hopkins1225@gmail.com
I would  like to thank you for the excellent service, the diaphragms arrived here in the U.K. nine days after I made payment.. Fitting the diaphragms on my twin
BS34 carbs was a breeze and the complete job took me around 10 minutes thanks to a well designed, good quality product and the clear instructions on your
website. Well done JBM Industries.     Regards, Martin Baldwin
Hi Don,
I got home seen the
K-72-S diaphrams were here for my Honda VT700c, installed and the bike runs great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks, Rob.
Keihin K-72-S Diaphragm-K-72-S Smaller hole for METAL SLIDES Fits Keihin carbs used on 88-89 Honda NT650 Hawk GT (RC31)
Success!!! you can add another bike to your list.  Started right up as it always has runs awesome again!   Tim Davis      tdavis@synergistics.org
Don -I finally got around to installing the diaphragms last night. Very happy with them. The fit was perfect and now the slide action is silky smooth...great
product and beats the hell out of spending big $$ on new slides.   Jack Turner
MZ202 carburetor socket boot
for BING 54