Updated 10/26/22
Rotax Ultralight / LIGHT SPORT Aircraft Carburetor Socket Boots & Intake Manifold Vibration Isolators for sale:
High quality parts made in USA. Save BIG money over OEM parts. Fuel tank grommets & Exhaust springs.
Stainless Steel Exhaust Springs
eliminate hydrogen embrittlement
caused by rust.
2.4 inch inside hooks
( 62 mm )
Can stretch to 4 inch.
Fits most all Rotax exhaust, but
be sure to MEASURE !
$5.75 each
  • If you have had trouble with rapid age cracking of
    your carburetor sockets,
    JBM Industries has your
    answer. Extreme high quality parts & made in USA

  • JBM uses a special proprietary rubber TSR
    compound & ONLY JBM has this compound.
503, 447, 377  SOCKET                  $28 each
582, 618  SOCKET                         $28 each
912 series or HKS Bing 64 Socket    $76 each
Dual Carb Intake Silencer Boot         $39 each
Hourglass vibration isolators               $8 each
FLAT RATE Shipping &
handling for ANY number of
sockets or springs:
$8.00 sent in USA
JBM Industries
Paul Csornok
2569 Myersville Rd.
Uniontown, Ohio  44685

How to order: Click HERE
Order or questions:
You may order by sending personal check or
Money Order to:
JBM Industries
2569 Myersville Rd.
Uniontown, OHIO  44685        USA

Please include $8.00 S/H  USA Delivery
payment. Request an invoice by email.
Made in USA, but NOT available
from Rotax "only" parts sellers.
Fits Rotax 377, 447, 503 engines or
some Compact Radial MZ202.
using BING model 54 carburetor
Fits Rotax 582 or 618 engines with
BING model 54 carburetor
Rubber molded cylinder head gaskets for
Rotax 582 engines
2 pc set has VITON o-rings for cylinder or
TSR 2pc set for water jacket. Molded
rubber, not "sleeve cut".     
$12 set
If you are tired of the high cost of genuine Rotax
exhaust gaskets  ($10 each) and hate the way the
imported ones split and pull apart, then please
consider these Graphite Coated JBM gaskets.
Made in USA and only $4 each
Gaskets for Rotax 447, 503, and 582 in stock.
Fuel Tank Grommets made from the same
as our Carb Sockets. Just grease them up
and push them into any 1/2 inch diameter hole in
your fuel tank. Grease your barb, and push it
through the grommet. (
JBM does not sell barbs.)
If you need to install a grommet in a plastic tank,
use a woodworking drill of the type shown. Be
sure there are no sharp edges.
$5 for set of 4 pieces
JBM Float Bowl Gaskets made of Teflon
Carburetor Vacuum Plugs for unused primer ports. These handy little things replace the easily rotted and cracked original equipment. Useful on any Bing or Mikuni carburetor.
 $4 for set of 4
both cap and coil ends. In many areas of the country
these little boots age crack and rot very quickly. These
hand made replacements are made from the same
rubber as our carburetor sockets.
Replacement is easy:  Just remove the ignition wire
from cap or coil by unscrewing the wire. It fits on a
threaded "nail".
$12 for set of 8 boots
JBM ships WORLDWIDE...  $39.00 S/H
Up to 4 pounds .   
$28.00 Canada
Throttle Cable Adjuster
Cover Grommets made from
our high quality rubber so
they will last a long time.
$2 each
Cable grommets prevent dirt and water from
entering the carburetor due to vacuum. Fit Mikuni
carburetors, too.
These 4 plugs should be a
lifetime supply for most engines.
Click on photo for more gasket info
Click on photo for more gasket info
Click photo for more info.
Testimonials from Challenger web site blog:
I replaced my first set of Rotax carb sockets and throttle/enrichener cable
boots at 200 hours. They were starting to get cracks on the outside. I
replaced them with JBM sockets and boots and have a little over 200 hours on
them. They still look great--no cracks whatsoever.

Hi Mark. We built our Challengers at about the same time. I had the same
experiences with the carb boots and replaced them at about the same times.
The JBM's are still holding up fine with close to 500 hours.

Hi Flyers!   I feel kinda funny telling mostly guys about this (not a girly thing) but, I just
wanted to share an experience that I had today!
With the WX forecast OK, It was the day I'd set my goal & schedule to get out to
Sawyer's Airfield (my home field)
& look over any possible weather damage or neglected items I had not gotten around
One such item was simply replacing the Rotax carb boots that connect the dual Bing
carbs, with the new JBM boots I had bought a few months ago.
They're made from a "superior blend" of rubber, and are reported to last much longer
than the Rotax ones.
My existing Rotax boots were still new looking with only a minor dullness and still
seemed to flex a little.
I've seen them on other Rotax equipped aircraft with an appearance more dull & dry
I'd read stories of carbs falling off, or high temps, etc.
Well, it wasn't ideal flying conditions with an 11 Knot 90* cross wind, and my broken
wrist still healing. My friend Tony helped me replace the old boots with the new ones.
I explained to him why I felt spending a little extra money and replacing a known "weak
link" in the power plant was beneficial for my peace of mind.  The old boots showed a
few superficial hairline cracks after he started distorting them.
He then squeezed one into an oval shape and "poit" it split wide open!
"Dang!! Looky There!!"
I had run the engine for 20 minutes a few hours earlier, but not above 3000 rpm.
One cylinders EGT temps a "skosh" higher than the other, but not anything that would
have given me a "no go"decision.
Anyway the point is, don't trust a simple visual inspection of parts that are getting  kinda
old but still look "fair"!  I'm sure I could apply that to other things too, but we'll just let
that go for another discussion!
I look forward to getting to fly again soon!
Have a good one!........Jackye     From: Jackye Reynolds <skyjackye@yahoo.com>
NOTES on Rotax 277 with BING model 54 carburetor:
Don – Just wanted to let you know that the straight manifold does work on my 277.
The carb tilts slightly downward but apparently not enough to mess up the float level.
The engine runs just fine, CHT and EGT temps are good, and the shaking of the
carb at idle is significantly reduced because your manifold is shorter and therefore
more rigid than the factory curved one.  In addition, your clamps are way better than
the Rotax factory clamps. I’m a lot more confident that the carb will stay attached
with your set-up.  I’m a very happy customer!  Thanks,   Martin Barackman
NOTES on Rotax 912 Rubber Flange Carburetor mounting socket manifold:
Rotax provides an internal aluminum ring on some of their flange sockets sold as
replacements on the 912 engine. These rings should
NOT be used with JBM rubber
Click here for more info.
Just a note to say thanks for the prompt attention you gave my order. A month or
so ago, a friend of mine and I noticed that the carb sockets on his Air Creation
Twin 582 were getting a little checked and needed replacing. We found your
website and ordered them from you. We are very pleased with the quality of them
and the prompt shipping we received. So....I ordered 2 new silencer box boots for
the 582 and a carb socket for my Racer 447.
I ordered them on Tuesday 7/3/12 and I received them today, Friday 7/6/12. Even
though we discussed the possibility of a delay because of the 4th holiday, they still
showed up. You must have made a special trip to the Post Office or something.
Whatever you did, it is VERY appreciated. I find very little satisfaction with most
companies I do business with and I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am to find
a company who makes a quality product at a very competetive price and pays
attention to detail.
Thanks again. I will be doing business with you again and I have already sent
friends of mine your way!
Mike Stewart, ....... Sanger, TX
Dual Carburetor Intake Silencer Boot.

JBM Industries makes a boot that will not crack and is much more rigid and long lasting than original equipment boots,
yet costs the same. These really make a difference!
Fits Bing model 54 & 64 carbs.
Fits 74mm / 3 inch diameter hole. Groove / 3mm slot.    $39 each
$39 each
HKS & Rotax 912 flange socket
I installed your carb boots on my 503 about 5 years ago.  So far they still look
like new.  Is there a failure mode I should be looking for?  The original stock
rotax boots would 'warn' you by cracking showing eminent failure.  So far yours
show no sign of failure whatsoever.  I'm wondering what to look for?
Thanks,  Bill Volcko           
Click here for MZ engine socket information